We always want to make our jewellery to serve you as long as possible. We are very happy when we hear that you like it enough to not take it off at all, sometimes resulting even in sleeping or taking bath in jewellery. After all, we want to warn you against that. The more careful you will be in handling with our products, the longer you will be able to enjoy them!

General rules:

+ Jewellery should be protected against water. Contact with water may result in loss of gloss, discoloration or if the jewellery is lacquered – damage to the protective layer.

+ Jewellery should be protected from chemicals. Cosmetic ingredients (eg. Perfume) and chemicals used eg. in the bathroom or kitchen can cause discoloration or tarnishing.

+ Jewellery should be stored carefully. Jewellery should be kept in a box or wrapped in a soft cloth and sealed in an airtight container to prevent mechanical damage, scratches and dust. Tight storage limit access of air to prevent darkening of jewellery.

+ Jewellery should be worn with caution. When hooked, jewellery can get scratched or deformed. After taking off the jewellery, do not bend, nor wrap tightly with malterial.

+ Jewellery can be wiped, but only with a soft cloth designed specifically to clean jewellery or glasses. Wipe the jewellery gently with a dry cloth, when it is coated with lacquer, if not – a special cleaning fluid can be used for cleaning and care of brass and silver, and finally the piece also should be wiped with dry material.

+ Brass jewellery is coated with special lacquer to protect the surface from mechanical damage and darkening. Lacquered jewelry should be kept away from water and chemicals, because it can react with the paint. Jewellery can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Brass rings are not coated with lacquer.


Brass when polished, at first glance resembles gold. Its color distinguishes only lighter shade and more opaque tone, resulting in the slightly different nature. It is a solid metal, resistant to corrosion, often used in the manufacture of coins, medals and various decorative elements. It is characterized by high hardness. It does not contain nickel and does not cause allergy. Brass when not worn and having contact with air may darken. That is why most of the products are covered with a special varnish that protects the surface from changing color. Frequent wearing brass jewellery (not painted) or holding it in sealed boxes (no air flow) also make the product maintain its original appearance longer. Products made of brass (not lacquered) should be cleaned with a soft cloth, using a preparation for silver and brass care, which can be purchased in most supermarkets and online.

All the products in our brass range are coated with lacquer to protect them from oxidation process (causing darkening of the product). Exceptions are rings, because they are the most exposed to water, chemicals and other substances which can affect the destruction of the protective layer. You will find the exact description of care in the description of *lacquered jewellery.


Silver jewellry is made exclusively of sterling silver 0,925. All closures and sticks of earrings are silver, as well as wires hanging from earrings.There are series of products entirely made of silver and in some cases there is a possibility to order jewellery made of silver according to offered and available designs. Silver is a metal which oxidates after some time and darkens (especially when it is not worn). Then the product should be cleaned with a soft cloth using a special preparation for the silver care.


Stainless steel is a metal with excellent properties. Metal has a high hardness, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures. It does not rust and does not darken, so no matter what the conditions are the color does not change and remains the same as in the beginning of usage. Steel products do not require any special care – will survive years in an unaltered state without losing the perfect shine. The only threat can be a mechanical scratch. In addition, stainless steel does not cause allergy.


Silver plated jewellery is a product covered with silver. The layer is durable and with proper care will not slip. However, be careful to scratches and mechanical damage. In addition, all silver plated jewellery is protected by a special varnish, which also protects the silver coating both from damage and from darkening. Silver plated jewellery does not cause allergy.


Gold plated jewellery is a product covered with 24-karat gold. Is characterized by a shimmering golden glow and a high-gloss gold, which makes it perfect for evening and parties. It shines more than brass jewellery.


Brass jewellery products are covered with a layer of special varnish that protects them against darkening or if the product is coated with another metal – also protects the durability of the coating. Exceptions are brass rings (not covered). Lacquered products should not have contact with chemicals. Cosmetic ingredients (eg. Perfume) and chemicals used eg. in the bathroom or kitchen can cause discoloration or damage to the layer. It is also recommended to avoid excessive amounts of water. Products can be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth used for jewellery and glasses care. Lacquer  does not cause allergy.