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[DT] Dorota Tomaszewska is a designer brand created by jewellery designer Dorota Tomaszewska. Since few years the brand offers an original jewellery with a modern and original design. Artist designs mainly limited series, all made in Lodz studio. During production traditional jewellery techniques are used: jewellery is soldered, riveted and polished by hand.

Artistic earrings, as well as rings, bracelets and necklaces are characteristic for Dorota Tomaszewska. Her style is a combination of minimalism and modern design. The main collection is inspired by the works of the Catalan painter Joan Miro. Simplistic but distinctive and original forms and shapes are visible in the collection and are the hallmark of the designer.

Jewellery is made of various materials such as: brass, stainless steel but also silver. Brand also offers silver-plated and gold-plated models. All fasteners are made of sterling silver 0,925.


A graduate of the Department of Jewellery in Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. The designer was born and brought up in New York City, so she had the opportunity to associate with exceptional artists and design. This very inspiring environment led her to create a modern, highly simplified, but very distinctive jewellery collection.

During her study she repeatedly exhibited her works at many prestigious trade fairs. She has also won the Polish Jeweller award. For over 5 years she worked in the biggest Lodz Jewellery House, where she gained jewellery and design experience. For two years she realizes her vision under her own brand, mainly creating unusual earrings. In the portfolio of the artist there are also rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Designs of Dorota Tomaszewska are rapidly gaining recognition and admiration, both in Poland and abroad.